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We are committed to finding out what the most important issues are for people living with spinal cord injuries and making sure those issues don’t get ignored.


Whether it’s research, health initiatives, or public policy we want to work with stakeholders to ensure the voices of people living with spinal cord injuries across Canada are heard.


With nearly 100 years of combined experience living with disabilities our members are ready to bring valuable knowledge and expertise to your next project.

Our Focus

Better coverage for catheters

Did you know that people living with SCI have to pay $2-5 for a clean catheter every time they pee? The government covers only a fraction of that, forcing people to reuse catheters which increases risk of UTIs, a costly and dangerous health complication associated with SCI.

Improve snow removal practices

Inadequate snow removal makes life in Canada very difficult for people living with SCI. The inability to safely navigate in parking lots and on sidewalks leaves many people choosing not to participate in their normal activities through the long winter. This can lead to social isolation, job losses and more.

Improve wait times for wheelchairs and other essential equipment

The wait time to receive a new wheelchair can sometimes be as long as two years. This leaves many people making due with unsafe or ill fitted equipment for much too long.

Meaningful research

Working with universities and research organizations to develop more meaningful research questions. Actively participating in research projects to improve outcomes and knowledge translation.

We are driven by experience

With a full staff of wheelchair users, our organization knows first hand what it’s like to live with a disability.

Let’s work together on your next project